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We are known for our forward thinking mobile app design and development. We create highly tailored and unique products for single request collaborators, startups and enterprise clients across iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web.

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    Consult & Concept.

    We pride ourselves on taking the appropriate time to hear all ideas from beginning to end, and help work with our collaborators in defining a clear concept for each project.

    Design & Develop.

    From UX design to final development, Seedless Apps takes charge with collaborators in this section of the project to make sure we create each aspect of the experience to perfection.

    Launch & Market.

    We don’t just hand you the keys when we’re done, we continue to work and help you build a marketing strategy for launch so we can watch each project fly to success.

  • Alok Ahuja Founder

    Working in the tech industry for over 15 years from startups to large corporate organizations, Alok brings a fresh new perspective on how web and mobile experiences should be created. This was his goal in founding Seedless Apps, with the intent to build unique projects but also deliver them in a manner that has never been done before.

    Sagar Suneja CTO

    Sagar is a computer engineer by trade, but his willingness to create and push boundaries within technology is unmatched. He brings a vision to Seedless Apps that helps take ideas to the next level with his technical thought process and ingenuity for mobile development and platform expansion.

    SA Team Design & Development

    Our diverse group is comprised of very focused and passionate team members, with tons of experience in their respective fields. We know that in order to achieve perfection you have to be the best, and this is why we were very particular when forming this dream team.

  • The 900,000 iPhone & iPad apps in the Apple App store have been downloaded over 50 billion times. But how many of those apps were opened more than once? How many every day? What are the apps that users move to their home screen?

    Those are the apps we strive to build from your concepts and ideas. Apps that get used and remembered. The kinds of apps Apple features in the App Store. The apps people rely upon daily. The apps that matter.

    In addition to our passion for mobile apps, we are crazy for cleanly designed websites that are functional yet creative.  Our team of designers love to push the envelope with web functionality and engagement, as seen by our diverse portfolio.


Just a few areas that we may be of assistance in helping you achieve mobile and web greatness!

UX Design

Whether building a mobile application or launching a new web project, Seedless Apps has over 15 years of UX design experience to help you achieve perfection in creating wireframes and colour palettes. Contact us for more info.

Web & Mobile Development

This is where we shine, and you will benefit from our team of experts! From building native iOS or Android applications to full PHP and WordPress platform web experiences, we are prepared to bring your creations to life.

Digital Marketing

You can’t launch an app or website without consulting with our SEO/SEM experts. Let our experts guide you in the right direction in all aspects of marketing. (Google Analytics, AdWords, SEMRush, Yoast, iAd Workbench etc.)

Graphic Design

With a staggering 30 years of combined experience, our team of graphic technicians are equipped to create, enhance, build and even brainstorm any request you may have. Branding logos, web & mobile skinning, poster flyers, launch sites and even social art.

Seedless Projects.

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Branding / Shopify

ReMarkable App

App / iPad


Website / Branding

Bee Alerted

App / Website / Design

VSC Limited

Branding / Website / Design

Dan Rascal

Website / Design

Project North

Website / Design

Ace Mercado

Website / Design

Ottawa Sweets

Website / Branding / Design

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Our Blog.

Just some of the latest trends and ideas that we have floating around in the design & development studio.

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Their Words.....Not Ours.

  • “Students using it together can collaborate and proof each other’s assignments without having a teacher use it to grade them, for example, so anyone looking for an easy way to collaborate privately can make use of it. If you do get a teacher involved, it can make classroom life a lot easier.”

    Alan Henry via Lifehacker
  • “I just downloaded the app today and have been playing around with it. For anyone who has used MarkUp, I can tell you that it is far superior. The app strikes the right balance between being the powerful but also simple to use. And if you have an issue with anything, the response is immediate. Keep in mind that as of this writing, the program is only one day old, so there may be a glitch or two. But even right out of the gate, this is a very welcome app for teachers who want to go paperless.”

    Chinska via AppStore Review
  • “It doesn’t have a lot of frills or flair, but I think that’s a good thing. The ReMarkable team set out to make an app that makes digital grading incredibly simple, and they absolutely achieved that goal. Finally, it’s the perfect way to go paperless and create a more green classroom environment! So, if you’ve got access to an iOS device, I highly recommend giving ReMarkable a try!”

    Michael Karlin via The EdTech Round Up Blog
  • “You can tell I’m an English teacher. The idea of having an app to grade papers makes me jump for joy” @SeedlessApps

    @Rain_Asha via Twitter
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