Ottawa Sweets

Ottawa Sweets had been around for quite some time, but without any web presence.  Our website development team created a unique site that portrayed the look and feel of the warm and cozy feeling you get when eating a cake from Ottawa Sweets!

Responsive from top to bottom with a custom online ordering platform makes this stand out from the rest.

Launch Project

Ace Mercado

When Ace Mercado decided to open a new restaurant they made sure to contact us with their vision, allowing us to mimic the look and feel of their new spot to a stunning online experience for their customers.

We made sure to build a site that was fully optimized from an SEO perspective since they were brand new, allowing them to be easily recognized online with a stunning responsive site.  Great project and great food!

Launch Project

Project North

The amazing organization of Project North approached us looking for new website development which included an entirely new look.  We build this site on the WordPress platform with many custom installs.

The new website was created to be responsive and also contains a customized donation form that links directly to their PayPal account, allowing for seamless donation transactions.

Launch Project

Dan Rascal

The guys at Dan Rascal approached us to help them launch their official site into the wild, but also help steer them in the right direction.  With this launch we went with a one-pager site that keep their customers engaged, and also help spotlight all of the fantastic work these guys have done.  Their portfolio of videos is untouchable and we are proud to say the we are a customer of theirs as well!

This was our first time working with a videographer company, and we really enjoyed laying out digital viewing aspects for all their videos..

Launch Project

VSC Limited

VSC Limited were looking for a new brand and some newly found web presence.  We were able to help them with new website development and a go to production marketing strategy.

The outcome for VSC is a new website, logo, and online strategy that is being used as a new vertical for their custom construction business model.

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Bee Alerted

SeedlessApps sat on the team for the development of the Bee Alerted application, but was commissioned to ultimately create the website design and development.

The second piece to this project was to help create the UX layout for Bee Alerted users, and how they will navigate to create groups, send messages and manage their app behaviour.

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The team at MLTDWN Gourmet Grilled Cheese approached us for a full suite construction for website design and development, along with marketing strategies around the launch of their new site.

The new website was created to be responsive and was designed around the look and feel of their new location and second restaurant.  Full SEO/SEM analysis was included with their launch, with all necessary webmaster tools to achieve online success.

Launch Project