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It’s been a few weeks from our flagship launch of ReMarkable into the AppStore for iOS and the feeling of excitement and anticipation has all come full circle with the overwhelming success of our launch.  The concept, mobile development, UX design and marketing launch for ReMarkable was all done in house here at Seedless Apps.  The concept came to us from our founder, Alok Ahuja, and was curated to conception with our development team. Prior to the launch of ReMarkable, our marketing team began sending out small previews to teachers all over the world via bloggers, media publications and the FETC.org conference in Orlando.  With all of these outlets working towards the release of ReMarkable, the anticipation among teachers was incredible.  We experienced thousands of downloads in our first week in the AppStore and along with that excitement came more bloggers wanting to review our application and television outlets reaching to Seedless Apps for news stories. Our development process with ReMarkable was to create the entire platform natively with objective C so we could continue to scale the application with new updates and functionality.  Since our release there has been tons of teacher feedback, and we are proud to let our users know that you can expect a new update coming in the next three weeks! ReMarkable V.2.0 will feature a new iPhone application allowing teachers to login from their phone and get a read only view of all assignments and documents that have been submitted to their ReMarkable account.  This new app will also be accompanied with a web portal so you can get the same great read only experience on you home cpu or laptop.  User settings will also be customizable in the iPhone app and web portal. BLOGGER REVIEW One of our first review came to us from the EdTech Round Up written and reviewed by Michael Karlin.  Michael is an Ed Tech industry leader who uses his blogging platform to educate teachers on new technology that they can adapt into their classrooms.  During our beta phase before launch, he was a great supporter of ReMarkable and that trend has now continued into our launch and for that we say thank  you Michael!
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NEW MOBILE DEVELOPMENT In conjunction with all the other projects going on in the Seedless Apps studio, we have ventured on to create a new application that will help restaurants create a more personal relationship with its customers.  The name of the app is ‘RSTO’ (could be short for restaurant), and the concept of this application is to place the power of accessing your favourite restaurant in the power of your hand but more importantly allowing restaurants to interact with their customers on a digital level. We are currently working with multiple third party vendors to port their API into RSTO, but also leverage the more useful aspects of their service to help achieve the desired level of interaction between restaurants and customers.  Being able to send push notifications to customers, update menu items and wine lists, moderate and share reviews, create and promote coupons and deals are just a few of the interactive tools restaurant owners will have access to. RSTO will have a very friendly a la carte business model, allowing restaurants to pick and choose the specific items that they want to include in their mobile application.  Once they choose their specific items, these will then get built by our development team, skinned to match the restaurants look and feel and then launched into the AppStore by Seedless Apps under the respective restaurants name. We are very excited to share this new restaurant mobile platform with the world, and our design and development team is hard at work to complete our first beta test coming soon.  Restaurants are welcomed to join our waiting list to reserve their custom AppStore copy of RSTO by clicking the link below.
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With the recent launch of ReMarkable into the AppStore, the amount of downloads and users that we are garnering each day has been astounding!  Now that we have the Seedless Apps freight train moving at full speed I guess that it was only natural that we got picked up for a blog post by Lifehacker.  The team here at Seedless Apps was completely caught off guard when we heard the great news about being published on Lifehacker, but the user feedback within the comments section was even more incredible for us. Reading the comments section of the blog post allowed us to see how users are adopting ReMarkable into their daily lives, and also some of the key features that appeal to them the most.  We pride ourselves on making clean, simple and highly functional apps that can appeal to mass audiences so it’s great when the feedback we receive is positive.  Our Facebook, Twitter and Kickstarter pages have all been exploding with LIKES, comments and tweets and for that we say thank you to all our fans. As per many of our replies, users can look forward to an update on ReMarkable for mid June that will include some great new functionality including class list uploading with individual student grade allocation, web and iPhone access for ReMarkable and lastly a few small bug fixes.  We are excited to continue receiving our fans feedback and improving functionality to users all over the world.  ReMarkable is starting to make a difference, and for that we say thank you to each user for downloading.
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MANAGE YOUR IDENTITIES Recently, we were approached by the great people over at Injector via Kickstarter on their new password protection tool.  They wanted to share their new product, and because we think they’re on to something quite clever we wanted to take the time and share it with our Seedless Apps fans!  Be sure to check out their How To video above. We asked them for a few words on the project and here is what they had to say: The goal of Injector is to give Internet users a secure and convenient way to manage and use all of their digital credentials, whether they are passwords, email addresses, credit card information or any other form of sensitive private information. The modern smart phone is an ideal carrier of identity information when the information is stored securely and also when dynamic identity information is required such as one-time-codes or digital certificates.   With Injector, you can connect your smart phone to any PC without installing software. Simply touch a credential item on the phone and it will log you in, fill out a web form form, or generate a one-time-code without you even touching the computer keyboard. For the ultimate in convenience, the Injector smart phone app will even read a QR code and automatically find the items needed for your logins. In other words, your phone can log you into PCs and web sites, simply by pointing it at the screen. For more information: www.password-injector.com And of course, there’s the Kickstarter campaign.  Be sure to click on the button below and support this fantastic product.
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OTTAWA SWEETS It’s been a busy summer, but when one of our favourite Ottawa bakers approaches us for a new look we had no choice but to make time for this project!!  Ottawa Sweets has been whipping up some of the best desserts in Ottawa, and wanted to rebrand themselves from an online perspective with the help of our Seedless Apps web development team.  The only hard part with this project was having to deal with looking at all of the high res dessert images all day long. We started out by building a new logo for Ottawa Sweets, keeping in mind their clientele and style of baking.  We opted for a flat style logo and keeping the colours quite neutral for easy printing and branding on other marketing materials.  This helped us set the stage for the online platform that we created allowing users to place online orders from cakes to cupcakes and other custom desserts.  The website has been very well received, not only from Ottawa Sweets but there many fans all over town. The goal was to help bring a new online presence to a great local company, and continue to help them from an SEO perspective and keep that forward momentum going!!  We hope you enjoy the new look, and feel free to inquire for any web development work or questions you might have at [email protected]
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PREPARING FOR REMARKABLE V2.0 With the release of ReMarkable to the Apple AppStore on March 24th, 2014, it’s been extremely rewarding to have received such amazing feedback from teachers and users from all over the world.  With over 25k users worldwide, the team here at Seedless Apps didn’t realize how much people depend on ReMarkable until all the positive feedback starting rolling in through our site, blogs and social media streams.  With all the great feedback, came some very interesting requests and functionality that teachers/users really wanted us to implement for future versions.  We first directed our focus on getting ready for our iOS8 update, which we launched into the AppStore just last month.  However, since the release day of ReMarkable we were already planning the next big update……and that time has finally come! In the original blueprints of ReMarkable we had our own internal wish list of items that didn’t make the first release, so we focused our attention on getting those developed for V2.0.  While that development was taking place we started to get some incredible ideas from teachers who were using ReMarkable on a daily basis and knew how THEY wanted it to work.  We are in no position to tell a teacher how they should use our application, so we took a step back and opened our ears.  After hearing all of our fans out, we compiled the top 5o requests and went straight to work on implementing them into this new version of ReMarkable!! The big update to any user will be the all new flat design and colour updates, along with the easy one swipe navigation throughout the application.  However, once users get past the gorgeous new looking user interface they will begin to uncover all of the new treats!!  We have now created a section where users can upload class lists so they can maintain student names and create customized mark sheets to store grades and assignment names.  ReMarkable users now have the ability to annotate a document directly in the app and with one tap pull down a pre defined mark sheet and allocate that documents grade to a student name and assignment task!  No more do users have to mark the documents in ReMarkable and hand write that students grade in a notebook, everything can be stored in ReMarkable and on our new cloud which can be accessed by teachers at anytime. This is one of the main new features to be added in ReMarkable, and many of the other ones will be showcased on the new ReMarkable website blog as the weeks go by.  The development team will be posting new blogs which will outline a new feature of ReMarkable each week.  You will also be able to check out the Seedless Apps team on location at the FETC conference on January 22nd, 2015 from 3:30pm – 5:30pm where we will be hosting a hands on workshop for ReMarkable and introducing schools to the new White Label Program.  Lot’s of exciting news to come, but we just wanted to share a small glimpse into ReMarkable V2.0.
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“Students using it together can collaborate and proof each other’s assignments without having a teacher use it to grade them, for example, so anyone looking for an easy way to collaborate privately can make use of it. If you do get a teacher involved, it can make classroom life a lot easier.”

Alan Henry via Lifehacker


“I just downloaded the app today and have been playing around with it. For anyone who has used MarkUp, I can tell you that it is far superior. The app strikes the right balance between being the powerful but also simple to use. And if you have an issue with anything, the response is immediate. Keep in mind that as of this writing, the program is only one day old, so there may be a glitch or two. But even right out of the gate, this is a very welcome app for teachers who want to go paperless.”

Chinska via AppStore Review


“It doesn’t have a lot of frills or flair, but I think that’s a good thing. The ReMarkable team set out to make an app that makes digital grading incredibly simple, and they absolutely achieved that goal. Finally, it’s the perfect way to go paperless and create a more green classroom environment! So, if you’ve got access to an iOS device, I highly recommend giving ReMarkable a try!”

Michael Karlin via The EdTech Round Up Blog


“You can tell I’m an English teacher. The idea of having an app to grade papers makes me jump for joy” @SeedlessApps

@Rain_Asha via Twitter

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