Recently, we were approached by the great people over at Injector via Kickstarter on their new password protection tool.  They wanted to share their new product, and because we think they’re on to something quite clever we wanted to take the time and share it with our Seedless Apps fans!  Be sure to check out their How To video above.

We asked them for a few words on the project and here is what they had to say:

The goal of Injector is to give Internet users a secure and convenient way to manage and use all of their digital credentials, whether they are passwords, email addresses, credit card information or any other form of sensitive private information.

The modern smart phone is an ideal carrier of identity information when the information is stored securely and also when dynamic identity information is required such as one-time-codes or digital certificates.   With Injector, you can connect your smart phone to any PC without installing software. Simply touch a credential item on the phone and it will log you in, fill out a web form form, or generate a one-time-code without you even touching the computer keyboard.

For the ultimate in convenience, the Injector smart phone app will even read a QR code and automatically find the items needed for your logins. In other words, your phone can log you into PCs and web sites, simply by pointing it at the screen.

For more information: www.password-injector.com
And of course, there’s the Kickstarter campaign.  Be sure to click on the button below and support this fantastic product.