With the release of ReMarkable to the Apple AppStore on March 24th, 2014, it’s been extremely rewarding to have received such amazing feedback from teachers and users from all over the world.  With over 25k users worldwide, the team here at Seedless Apps didn’t realize how much people depend on ReMarkable until all the positive feedback starting rolling in through our site, blogs and social media streams.  With all the great feedback, came some very interesting requests and functionality that teachers/users really wanted us to implement for future versions.  We first directed our focus on getting ready for our iOS8 update, which we launched into the AppStore just last month.  However, since the release day of ReMarkable we were already planning the next big update……and that time has finally come!

In the original blueprints of ReMarkable we had our own internal wish list of items that didn’t make the first release, so we focused our attention on getting those developed for V2.0.  While that development was taking place we started to get some incredible ideas from teachers who were using ReMarkable on a daily basis and knew how THEY wanted it to work.  We are in no position to tell a teacher how they should use our application, so we took a step back and opened our ears.  After hearing all of our fans out, we compiled the top 5o requests and went straight to work on implementing them into this new version of ReMarkable!!

The big update to any user will be the all new flat design and colour updates, along with the easy one swipe navigation throughout the application.  However, once users get past the gorgeous new looking user interface they will begin to uncover all of the new treats!!  We have now created a section where users can upload class lists so they can maintain student names and create customized mark sheets to store grades and assignment names.  ReMarkable users now have the ability to annotate a document directly in the app and with one tap pull down a pre defined mark sheet and allocate that documents grade to a student name and assignment task!  No more do users have to mark the documents in ReMarkable and hand write that students grade in a notebook, everything can be stored in ReMarkable and on our new cloud which can be accessed by teachers at anytime.

This is one of the main new features to be added in ReMarkable, and many of the other ones will be showcased on the new ReMarkable website blog as the weeks go by.  The development team will be posting new blogs which will outline a new feature of ReMarkable each week.  You will also be able to check out the Seedless Apps team on location at the FETC conference on January 22nd, 2015 from 3:30pm – 5:30pm where we will be hosting a hands on workshop for ReMarkable and introducing schools to the new White Label Program.  Lot’s of exciting news to come, but we just wanted to share a small glimpse into ReMarkable V2.0.