With the recent launch of ReMarkable into the AppStore, the amount of downloads and users that we are garnering each day has been astounding!  Now that we have the Seedless Apps freight train moving at full speed I guess that it was only natural that we got picked up for a blog post by Lifehacker.  The team here at Seedless Apps was completely caught off guard when we heard the great news about being published on Lifehacker, but the user feedback within the comments section was even more incredible for us.

Reading the comments section of the blog post allowed us to see how users are adopting ReMarkable into their daily lives, and also some of the key features that appeal to them the most.  We pride ourselves on making clean, simple and highly functional apps that can appeal to mass audiences so it’s great when the feedback we receive is positive.  Our FacebookTwitter and Kickstarter pages have all been exploding with LIKES, comments and tweets and for that we say thank you to all our fans.

As per many of our replies, users can look forward to an update on ReMarkable for mid June that will include some great new functionality including class list uploading with individual student grade allocation, web and iPhone access for ReMarkable and lastly a few small bug fixes.  We are excited to continue receiving our fans feedback and improving functionality to users all over the world.  ReMarkable is starting to make a difference, and for that we say thank you to each user for downloading.