In conjunction with all the other projects going on in the Seedless Apps studio, we have ventured on to create a new application that will help restaurants create a more personal relationship with its customers.  The name of the app is ‘RSTO’ (could be short for restaurant), and the concept of this application is to place the power of accessing your favourite restaurant in the power of your hand but more importantly allowing restaurants to interact with their customers on a digital level.

We are currently working with multiple third party vendors to port their API into RSTO, but also leverage the more useful aspects of their service to help achieve the desired level of interaction between restaurants and customers.  Being able to send push notifications to customers, update menu items and wine lists, moderate and share reviews, create and promote coupons and deals are just a few of the interactive tools restaurant owners will have access to.

RSTO will have a very friendly a la carte business model, allowing restaurants to pick and choose the specific items that they want to include in their mobile application.  Once they choose their specific items, these will then get built by our development team, skinned to match the restaurants look and feel and then launched into the AppStore by Seedless Apps under the respective restaurants name.

We are very excited to share this new restaurant mobile platform with the world, and our design and development team is hard at work to complete our first beta test coming soon.  Restaurants are welcomed to join our waiting list to reserve their custom AppStore copy of RSTO by clicking the link below.